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Aigis's News

Posted by Aigis - August 16th, 2012

Hello. This week my webcomic, The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy (TARTAKA), moved from updating only once a week, to now updating twice a week. Two times!

So now TARTAKA is updating on both Mondays and Fridays. If you enjoy comics, maybe you'll want to check it out.


TARTAKA is a 'mystery' about four girls, but two girls in particular. Their names are Kim and Amy, and they are in the title. It has jokes, mystery, a lot of emotions. Maybe all the emotions?

It also has a train, so if you're a Trainspotter, you'd probably love it. Or at least that part of it. Or maybe you'll hate it for its inaccurate train depictions. I don't know. I don't really know you, Trainspotter.

WEBCOMIC: TARTAKA Ups Its Update Schedule!


Posted by Aigis - July 4th, 2012

During the weekend, I participated in Game Jam 7, which required me and a few other people to make a game in three days based around a central mechanic of either 'unleash' or 'weld'. We chose 'weld', and Zelda the Welder was born. My contribution to the game was mostly writing and making the cutscenes and that appear outside of the gameplay. Check it out.


Also I feel my webcomic, The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy, is starting to hit its stride. So if you enjoy comics you might want to check that out as well.


Game Jams, Webcomics

Posted by Aigis - May 14th, 2012

I've recently started a new webcomic: The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy, or TARTAKA for short.

This is a 'mystery' comic about four girls, but two girls in particular. Their names are Kim and Amy and they are in the title.

But will their encounter with a mysterious train in the night time change their lives forever? Who knows?

Nobody but you. The reader of this comic.

There's jokes, drama, and mystery. I think you'd enjoy it. Probably. Hopefully.

In any case, you can see for yourself.

You can read it from the start here.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.

NEW WEBCOMIC: www.tartaka.com (The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy)

Posted by Aigis - November 4th, 2011

Bear with me.

Today I, like many males in their twenties (and indeed possibly some females!) decided to begin my day with that most balanced of breakfasts, that most steadfast of meals, light of my mornings, fire of my belly, the bowl of bran-based-but-not-exclusively-bran cereal. They say such an early hour feast will jumpstart a man's (or indeed possibly a woman's!) metabolism, ensuring a lean body and a healthy soul. But I digress.

The elements were in place. The milk carton was half-full, and long from its expiration date. The box of cereal was open and on the counter. The bowl I had to clean but this is but a minor obstacle to the goal of healthy eating. Spoons abounded. I was ready. I could feel it in my bones. The brand name instant breakfast was going to be inside me; I could smell it in the air.

One two, one two, I poured the cereal, I poured the milk, the cereal was done. Prepared. Ready. I dug my spoon into the mixture, and brought it to my mouth.

A lesser man than I might have closed his eyes and shoveled in the bran, but I am no lesser man. I am blessed with that cunning ability known as caution, and with two eyes in my, admittedly stunning, head. I looked down. Something was amiss.

Tiny black dots were not advertised as ingredients on the brand name box.

Looking closer, to my horror I discovered that these black dots were not simply black dots but the bloated corpses of that most vile creature, the ant! Another look at my bowl I found many more, them having floated to the top while I was not paying attention.

My vision darted around the room. The box of cereal, and indeed my entire pantry, was crawling with these hellbeasts. These awful vermin. In my groggy, unfed, post wake-up state I had neglected to notice them and nearly poisoned myself with their bloated corpses! But the story does not end there.

In that same state I dismissed this problem as one for my future self. He deals with a lot of things I don't want to. The pantry was out of order. This much was obvious, even to me. But what was still in action and raring to provide my stomach with its much needed sustenance was the freezer; the last bastion of those without time or regard for their bodies. And as luck would have it, within its frozen borders lay a box of hashed browns, with two remaining. Enough to sustain me, until the ant problem was sorted.

A few minutes later, my artery clogging mini-feast was ready. But in the transfer from sandwich press to plate, tragedy struck. A hashed brown fell off of my fork and onto the obsidian counter below, landing face down with a muffled splat. No harm, I say. There is a system in place for this. And employing the three, five, and ten second rules (perhaps simultaneously), I picked back up the greasy foodstuff, and placed it on my plate, never once looking back.

I sat down, and I began to cut off a piece for consumption. But again, this is where that old caution comes into play. I am no mook. Before placing this heart-breaking morsel into my mouth, I inspected it. And this foresight would pay off. Because on the underside of my hashed brown was the flattened corpse of a mosquito. The worst kind of flattened corpse.

The pattern was clear to me. Nothing gets past Aigis. Some would say that these insects are mindless drones, with no sapience or regard for anything other than food and other less mentionable acts. But I say nay! I know what is going on.

These insects are collaborating to stage a violent coup against humanity. First my multiple breakfasts, and then the world, I wager. Picking on the mightiest first to establish dominance. A clever ploy indeed. Their drowned and flattened corpses will pave the way to an Earth ruled by insects. We are two steps away from the events posed in speculative fiction masterpiece, Them!

So my brothers and sisters of the net, I bring you this story as a warning of what is certain to come. My breakfast may already be lost, but this is not the end. You must learn from its sacrifice. From my empty stomach. Be prepared for the revolution, for it will come swiftly, quietly, and with a buzz.

Posted by Aigis - August 23rd, 2011

The Comic Jam is over, and I had a great time doing it (I slept for 16 hours when it was done, and now have a very sore back). The quality of submissions was great, and despite their low number I will consider it a success! The theme was "night".

For my comic, Waking Dreams, I managed to draw 75 panels in 21 pages, which ended up being strung together as two 'infinite canvas' style art portal submissions. You can see it here. I'd love to hear what you think:

Waking Dreams Part 1
Waking Dreams Part 2

To check out the rest of the comics go to this thread here. We'd all love to hear your comments and critique!

Comic Jam Comments and Critique

Comic Jam is over!

Posted by Aigis - August 7th, 2011

Hi, everyone!

In two weeks (August 19) I will be starting a community art activity in the art forum that will become known as the Comic Jam. The idea is that people will be given a theme and three days, and tasked to create a narrative-based comic (hopefully of a number of pages) within only three days! By the end of those three days, everyone will post and enjoy each other's comics.

Information thread

But you don't have to work alone. If you're an artist that cannot write, then you're welcome to team up with a writer. If you're a writer that cannot draw, then you're welcome to find an artist to collaborate with. If you're an artist that just wants to create one amazing looking comic, then you're welcome to team up with another artist (say, with one of you doing line art and the other doing colouring). The sky is indeed the limit.

I will be challenging myself to make a 24 page comic within the time, but comics of any size are welcome.

I hope you guys will join me in making this a fun Newgrounds event.

If you say in this news post or in the information thread that you are interested in participating in this Comic Jam, then I will be glad to PM you just before it starts to remind you.

Also, I'll take any suggestions for themes in the comments of this news post.

COMIC JAM August 19-21

Posted by Aigis - July 4th, 2011

So I just got out of a rap battle (involving law) unscathed. Yeah, I'm pretty good. The user Lintire is probably shaking in his boots.

Here are some excerpts of my side of the rapping battle:


You know nothing of my lawyering skills, so don't jump to conclusions.
If you heard me describe contracts, you'd become disillusioned
with your opinions on the lawyering trade;
I think you'll find they don't make the grade.
You'll sit back in your seat and think "oh wow;
Contract law is the best and I realise that now."
You'll stay up at night, and stare at your ceiling
And try to understand the emotions you're feeling.
But I can tell you now what it is that you'll feel
You'll take a look at law and finally understand the appeal.


You won't hear anything if you keep up that 'tude.
You're putting words in my mouth; my mad rhymes can't intrude
into that fanciful brain, dreaming of a fight you can win.
You live in your fantasy but to your chagrin
you can never beat me, that much is true.
That's why all you can do is just misconstrue
the truth that I'm speaking. So please look and see
At this fine photo frame that frames your degree.
Because you've been schooled by Aigis and don't you forget
That you can never win against me with your rapping vignettes.


Ergo is a word used by pretentious dudes
To complement their berets, in between sips of chartreuse



Rap battle

Posted by Aigis - June 20th, 2011

These alley trippers are still fronting on us! Show 'em that we can do this, 'cause we always knew this!


Yeah boy!

Yo Chuck!

Posted by Aigis - May 24th, 2011

Oh yeah.

I'm rich, britches.

Posted by Aigis - May 4th, 2011

It's time to party!

Alright guys!