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Comic Jam is over!

Posted by Aigis - August 23rd, 2011

The Comic Jam is over, and I had a great time doing it (I slept for 16 hours when it was done, and now have a very sore back). The quality of submissions was great, and despite their low number I will consider it a success! The theme was "night".

For my comic, Waking Dreams, I managed to draw 75 panels in 21 pages, which ended up being strung together as two 'infinite canvas' style art portal submissions. You can see it here. I'd love to hear what you think:

Waking Dreams Part 1
Waking Dreams Part 2

To check out the rest of the comics go to this thread here. We'd all love to hear your comments and critique!

Comic Jam Comments and Critique

Comic Jam is over!

Comments (7)

Sorry for not participating. I was an awful weekend for me. I had alot of stuff to do and I've been working on a project that I really started to get to the meet of it.

I made this over the weekend though. :\

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1242c47092a624a596fc9cac85231351">http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1 242c47092a624a596fc9cac85231351</a>

Haha! I have NO idea what that is!

I swear I wrote a long as comment to this ... either it's Chrome or me not sleeping ...

Anyway, I'll say it again. It was great seeing you work on this. It was a might endeavor and you pulled it off with excellence and patience.

Really awesome work :)

Thanks a lot!

I'd agree that it was a success. It was the first jam so people could not know what to expect, a possible second one will most likely have more entrants.

I am going to comment on the comics in the thread today or tomorrow.

Well done Mr. Comic Jam Host.

Thank you.

I have added some bewildered half asleep type comments to the thread.

Good job. I like the way you went about it.

The thread really needs more comments. I thought more people would be willing to offer their opinions.

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