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Remarkably self-indulgent and arrogant trash put forth in the guise of an 'inspirational video'.

I'd have thought that 'if you keep on going with flash, then in ten years' time you can be as good as me' would be more discouraging to newcomers than anything else, considering the quality of this flash. Your animations have gotten a bit more effects-heavy, but I'd hardly consider this much of an improvement over your old Castlevania flash.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

I think all forms of creativity are born with a certain level of built-in self-indulgence; ideally, the creator creates for himself. NEVER GIVE UP is a show of MY skills (up to a certain point), just as the Gurl Gamer's ravings exemplify what YOU can do. Seems they loved it, too.

In the years since its 2006 completion, I've had the rare opportunity of stepping out of my own head to experience NGU objectively. While impressed and slightly re-motivated by what I saw, the creator's arrogance hardly came to mind...


Atlantis! Martians!

Comedic gold! Hahaha!

Five stars!


I do so enjoy your animation style. Good character designs, reasonably fluid animation. I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the Demon Runner reference thrown in there.

Perhaps it could have been better with music more befitting the style of the animation. Loony Tunes-type music. I don't know. The music worked fine but it did not blow me away.

The things other people can accomplish in a limited timeframe both amaze and depress me.

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I'm going to vote for Self here. I felt that his lyrics were a lot cleverer, particularly in the first verse, and definitely a lot funnier. From what I can tell his segments of the song flowed better as well. Plus he seemed so much more civil and as a gentleman I really appreciate that.

I did like the first few lines of Gasmasq's second verse a lot, though.

Truly an amazingly written song

Although I do think the first two verses and the chorus are MUCH better than the rest of the song.

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I love it. I love everything about it.

I love the lighting, the minimal colours, the posing, the emotion. You do not cease to amaze me.

I think it could do without the radial gradient light though. That distracts from everything else a bit, and doesn't really fit in. It's a minor thing.

Oh, and one more thing. You MAY want to learn the definition of the word 'comic' :P

Only really reviewing because

I wanted to point out that Christmas in Japanese is 'Kurisumasu'. You don't need to throw in random 't's when translating words into Japanese.

The picture itself is pretty decent. Quite dynamic. I like the way the fur has been drawn.

Considering how noticeable it is, it may have been a good idea to put a little more effort into the 'Merry Christmas', which just looks a little thrown on there. And at full view, the picture looks quite blurry. I'd suggest either rendering your paintings a little sharper, or just not offering such a high resolution view of it if you don't want to do that.

HypnoSquido responds:

oh, thank you for the review!
haha the name was just a joke, I know how they write it, like how people says Lawl instead of Lol or something, didnt go that well aparently. x D

It was the 1st time I actually drew fur in this way.

Yeh this draw was something I made fast cause wanted to give it to a friend, hopefully explaining the 'merry christmas'.

thank you!

Yeah, pretty funny

It's a cute little vector. The light source is a little crazy, but I guess that doesn't matter so much in this kind of drawing.

The head is a little off center to the right, but that's not that noticeable.

I am not much of a fan of the brown outlines in the mouth. I think perhaps it would look better if, say, the line around the tongue was a darker red instead. Plus the text would look better a little skewed so as to look like it's actually on the shirt.

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