Entry #21

WEBCOMIC: TARTAKA Ups Its Update Schedule!

2012-08-16 00:02:49 by Aigis

Hello. This week my webcomic, The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy (TARTAKA), moved from updating only once a week, to now updating twice a week. Two times!

So now TARTAKA is updating on both Mondays and Fridays. If you enjoy comics, maybe you'll want to check it out.


TARTAKA is a 'mystery' about four girls, but two girls in particular. Their names are Kim and Amy, and they are in the title. It has jokes, mystery, a lot of emotions. Maybe all the emotions?

It also has a train, so if you're a Trainspotter, you'd probably love it. Or at least that part of it. Or maybe you'll hate it for its inaccurate train depictions. I don't know. I don't really know you, Trainspotter.

WEBCOMIC: TARTAKA Ups Its Update Schedule!


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2012-08-16 02:48:18

Your comics should all just be in color there so amazing .O.

Aigis responds:

I'd like for it to be in colour, but it already takes too much of my time as it is.

Next comic, for sure.


2012-08-16 10:45:16

This shit is fucking amazing.


2012-08-16 15:41:33

My eyes are confused. Is the arm in the front attached to the frontmost character, or coming out through the segmented area in front? Because it reads like the characters arm and if so the thumb/hand is backwards. Not sure if thats intentional or not.

Anyway, love the rest of it.

Aigis responds:

It's a separate panel.


2012-08-16 18:24:39

From the way I interperet some of your art, I've chosen to deduce that one of the characters is a cyborg, and that their teacher is "70's slenderman".

Aigis responds:

Death of the author.


2012-08-29 00:07:54

I would play netball for real


2013-09-10 12:32:50

Nice art style , it all blends very nicely. You got some real talent in composing a comic mate!

Aigis responds:

Thanks! I'm actually in the process of reworking my comic, so if you come back and read it again later it should hopefully be better.


2016-03-02 03:02:39

Come back to us Aigis