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Remarkably self-indulgent and arrogant trash put forth in the guise of an 'inspirational video'.

I'd have thought that 'if you keep on going with flash, then in ten years' time you can be as good as me' would be more discouraging to newcomers than anything else, considering the quality of this flash. Your animations have gotten a bit more effects-heavy, but I'd hardly consider this much of an improvement over your old Castlevania flash.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

I think all forms of creativity are born with a certain level of built-in self-indulgence; ideally, the creator creates for himself. NEVER GIVE UP is a show of MY skills (up to a certain point), just as the Gurl Gamer's ravings exemplify what YOU can do. Seems they loved it, too.

In the years since its 2006 completion, I've had the rare opportunity of stepping out of my own head to experience NGU objectively. While impressed and slightly re-motivated by what I saw, the creator's arrogance hardly came to mind...


Atlantis! Martians!

Comedic gold! Hahaha!

Five stars!


I do so enjoy your animation style. Good character designs, reasonably fluid animation. I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the Demon Runner reference thrown in there.

Perhaps it could have been better with music more befitting the style of the animation. Loony Tunes-type music. I don't know. The music worked fine but it did not blow me away.

The things other people can accomplish in a limited timeframe both amaze and depress me.


Ridiculously huge logical leaps combined with misinterpretations of fact and things that were just plain made up (check your facts on the dodecahedron thing).

The nonsense about creating certain shapes with this 'flower' was astounding. Because it seemed to ignore the hundreds if not thousands of other shapes you could create using lines in that pattern.

Oh look I made a square. People have been drawing squares for thousands of years! This must be a fundamental property of the universe!

You mention often how it's the basis for everything in existence, but the explanation for this is simply a cobbled together mess of statements about how you can make certain shapes with it (but not by any seemingly designed means, just by taking what circles fit what you want them to fit), and other equally spurious statements.

The most ridiculous assumption made is in the beginning of the talk where this so-called 'spirit' has to create its own area of consciousness by moving. But you just assume that after moving forward to the edge of its circle of consciousness, it would decide to double back and create a triangle of some sort.

But why would it double back? Why not move forward and expand its consciousness more than it would by moving back with the same distance moved? You offer no reason for this. Because that would create a straight line, rather than the circle that you want it to create. Because that would undermine your argument.

And then you top it all off with some nonsense about how aliens are flying here to mess with our crops to show us some fundamental property of the universe that we have apparently known for years, and then flying back home. Ignoring the much more reasonable explanation that these were done by people wanting to fuck with other people.

Obviously great artwork

There is no question that the artwork in this animation is high quality. The backgrounds and water animation in particular are stunning.

However, there is a large problem with storytelling. Specifically, the voiceover is completely unnecessary. There is no need to have someone talk over the film to tell everybody about the character. The idea with film is that you should show your audience Bitey's loneliness, rather than simply tell us that he is lonely.

There is something to be said about subtlety.

The animation succeeds only because if the amazing art within it, but as a film it is not tied together well.

When you fall, get right back up.

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